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Published since 1999, The Behavioral Health Hour tracks our behaviors–the science behind them and what they teach us about ourselves and our future. We share perspective from clinicians, educators, students, coaches, parents, grandparents and kids on the best–and worst–of our behavior, the lessons, the innovation, the inspiration. Original research highlights the impact of our decisions, and perspective on the role of sports and losing in shaping our collective behavioral health.


I’ve been a medical writer and researcher since 1994 but like many of us I’ve been dealing with a range of behaviors–my own, my kids, my students, my fellow coaches and colleagues, my neighbors and my family–for what seems like much longer. I write regularly as a columnist about managed care, education and youth sports and in the past decade I have noticed a common thread linking all three: behavioral health’s visibility…in patient-clinician encounters, in the hospital and during home care visits, and especially on the playing field where there’s been significant growth in the number of kids with behavioral health needs playing sports. This is a good thing, though not without its challenges.

In one season, I coached Ollie and Tyler who the schools and medical records labeled somewhere on the autism spectrum but I labeled as fast defenders. There was ShaLay with PTSD, Max with Tourette’s syndrome, and Connor with Epilepsy — some on one roster and all kids who need sports as part of a broader health plan. At the same time, behavioral health has become a more prominent policy issue with mental health parity laws and a bigger issue for counties and schools, and a constant struggle for hospitals, physicians, schools and families.

This site, first published as a newspaper column in the early 2000s, chronicles personal perspectives as well as our own outcomes research and insights from clinicians, patients, families, coaches and managed care leaders looking to drive positive changes in access and treatment and outcomes.

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