6 Stories Of Resilience, Recovery

It may not be Walter Cronkite with Eisenhower or Barbara Walters with Streisand but in this fireside chat style 2-hour Q&A we tried to go behind the scenes with 5 companies interviewing 7 healthcare innovators around their novel approach to addiction and depression recovery and to changing the path for those with poor housing, food insecurity, PTSD and fall risk from isolation. 5 years ago Ryan Breshears, the chief of behavioral health for Wellstar in Atlanta told me that he didn’t have any luck expanding his unit with financial numbers and data but did eventually win over his board by sharing a patient’s story of recovery (that story here). In this feature program, amazing stories of 6 patients facing immense behavioral health and psychosocial capability are shared – a 28-year-old male with Heroin addiction, a mom of 6 whose youngest has lead poisoning, a 77-year-old widow with dementia and untreated anxiety, a 55-year-old caucasian female, former athlete with schizophrenia and now alcohol addiction, a 60-year-old woman with major depression and 20-year-old confronting PTSD. Their stories, the outcomes and how the health system is trying new models and payment reforms to save money, and lives. Click here to watch the program. Reach out with any questions. -BC

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