Stop, Breathe & Think

georg-arthur-pflueger-eO_JhqabBY0-unsplashTechnology is advancing to help seniors who didn’t grow up in the era of Facetime. Skylight, a digital photo company that allows you to upload photos to a frame, now lets subscribers add videos too, at no additional cost during the pandemic. Seniors can watch scrolling pictures and videos from their kids and grandkids without having to log on or remember passwords…”It’s been a Godsend for us to communicate other than by phone since mom has dementia and only uses a house phone,” says Sanda Willmont, 51, of Massachusetts. For the more technologically inclined, a new emotional wellness app offered by Pennsylvania insurer Independence Blue Cross is free to its members until June 14th, 2020. The app, Stop, Breathe & Think, offers 30 ‘tracks’ with mindful breathing techniques, personalized meditations and activities for children, adults and seniors.

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