At This Hour

Science: American Psychiatric Association guidelines recommend brain imaging like MRI or CT scans for people presenting with their first-episode of psychosis, but authors of a new study, led by Augusta University in Georgia, found that there is inadequate diagnostic and clinical efficacy to justify its routine use.

Sport: Luke Wilson’s epic shutdown as Richie Tenenbaum on the tennis court in the Royal Tenenbaums illustrated just how difficult it is to focus. The ‘Baum’ committed 72 unforced errors on the way to losing every game to Ghandi….but psychologists who help tennis greats point to a simple lesson: “Only the Ball.” Repeat this and you give yourself a fighting chance to block out distractions or nervousness, not just on the court but anywhere.

Policy: A health insurance plan for seniors is now giving caregivers a free ‘supplemental’ benefit to help them take care of family members with dementia or other cognitive impairments. The digital education, coaching and support program, called Ceresti, is only available at this time to members of SecureBlue, a Minnesota health plan that combines Medicare and Medical Assistance.

Perspective: TV’s Northern Exposure made intersection Elk crossings famous in the ’80s and now a new crop of Alaskan celebs are crossing new boundaries to keep citizens in the northernmost state from feeling more isolated than usual during the coronavirus pandemic. Tim Davis, a high school teacher in Anchorage, has for the first time taken to youtube for football-style yoga workouts that are part Rocky, part daddy day care, as Davis incorporates stuff from the living room like pillows, kids toys and even his 10-month old son. Others here are finding a small space to show offer their inner Steph Curry.

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