Zero Splat Points…Is Not The Point

Nine: That’s the number of splat points I had in Orange Theory before Christmas, the lowest in the class, 15 worse than my bride and 25 worse than my daughter leading me to believe that managing my own care is exhausting, humiliating and undoubtedly hurting my status in the family. The hit gym classes aren’t just winning with families, millennials and 30 and 40 somethings, they are getting the attention of self insured employers and a few large group plans. We asked 12 different benefits administrators for leading employers with more than 15,000 employees – 10 of them said they are looking at developing a contract and perhaps a pilot program to measure productivity and wellness for employees and several mentioned the new popular Orange Theory as a possible partner. I’m hopeful splat points won’t be a measure companies or insurers use.

At least not until I figure out how to do more than 5 burpees.

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