Tele-Behavioral Health Starts In Schools

  • Heywood Healthcare of Massachusetts announced that it will be launching a new TeleBehavioral Health Program in schools because of a generous grant from the state Health Policy Commission. The model shifts behavioral health treatment from medical settings to the community. How insurers adapt to these trends will be interesting to follow.
  • A dedicated Dad quit his job to create a safe space for autistic children online on the popular gaming website “Minecraft,” a game where you create your own world with blocks and interact online with other users. Stuart Duncan created “Autcraft,” a server on the site, after seeing how positively Minecraft helps autistic children. Now the server has 8,000 members in 140 countries. Click here for the story
  • West River Behavorial Health Alliance of South Dakota is taking strides to finding new options for behavioral health patients of their region. Regional Hospital is planning to expand its emergency department to create eight new safe rooms. Story here
  • A Wisconsin school, Sheboygan Falls School District, gathered a team to educate their staff properly on mental health, find resources for students and faculty, and implement mental health into their curriculum.

Erin O’Donnell reporting

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