Integrated Wellness Group Takes Case To CT Schools

In another case that primary care, behavioral health and schools need to integrate to get better outcomes, Integrated Wellness of New Haven Connecticut almost immediately made an impact in its market. Kids previously given ‘referrals’ to psychologists skipped appointments or if they went were unable to pursue further services because their school districts required specific testing. A frustrating cycle followed. But in one case the integrated wellness practice took a leap and it’s a model others should try: The schools would not go forward with a test for a student that the physicians suspected had learning disabilities or perhaps was somewhere on the autism spectrum. To avoid further rejections and delays, the group went ahead and conducted the tests, scheduled a meeting with the school including the child’s mom and when the school agreed to do the tests told them, “we already did them – here they are.” The response was terrific as the school okayed the services and the child is now improving. The lesson: if you think it’s the right thing, do it and make the case after.

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