Social, Health Support Trump Traditional Health “Care”

At Yale’s healthcare conference April 11th the tone of the event was less about ACOs and more about the new types of solutions and networks forming across the US, many targeting behavioral health – here are some highlights:

  1. An Oregon hospital bought space in a community center program called the C-Train in Oregon and the hospital now offers a “lifetime PCP” through the program plus a mix of health, social, mental health, housing and post discharge support for generally poor, high risk patients; results are mixed, with readmission rates about the same but mortality lower
  2. Magellan has created a program in Arizona for seriously mentally ill patients (about 20,000 lives) that puts primary care offices in the same location as their mental health clinics and near their housing. About two-thirds were assessed as suffering from obesity, one third from cardiac and/or respiratory diseases and 27% diabetes.
  3. The case for case managers continues: One nurse case manager for a BCBS plan in the northwest is helping the plan explore a new network contract with a local shoe company and housing group to support diabetics who are costing the local system about $30,000 annually per patient on hospitalizations, toe amputations, psych care, neuropathy care and other services; several patients were walking to a part-time job through a swamp



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