Top Payer-Provider Priorities 2014

Behavioral health has emerged as the second most important clinical priority overall for 2014, behind only COPD/respiratory in terms of receiving care management, utilization, and other resources. Behavioral health was 4th on the health plan list in 2013 and not in the top four among the 30 hospital executives. COPD/respiratory is considered the top focus given the total costs of hospitalization/readmission and the “difficulty” managing this population.

The top 4 priorities, by surveyed organization, are:

Health plans

  1. Behavioral health (4th in 2013)
  2. COPD/respiratory (1st in 2013)
  3. Cancer/oncology (Not in top 4)
  4. Pain management (2nd in 2013)


  1. COPD/respiratory (1st in 2013)
  2. CHF (2nd in 2013)
  3. Behavioral health (Not in top 4)
  4. Diabetes (3rd in 2013)

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