New Quality Measures Would Benefit Non Pharma Interventions

Medicaid plan medical directors say that adolescent behavioral health patients can often do much better in community programs, like through a local YMCA or a youth sports program focused on integration and social experience, rather than psychotropic interventions in many cases. A newly proposed HEDIS quality measure effective in 2015 would align with this notion as children under the measure would need to undergo at least 90 days of “self management” before a script could be approved. “Families, communities that use that time effectively can often limit the need for medication.” In calls with medical directors, one cited the experience with a 9-year-old boy with epilepsy and also signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety who was prescribed various medications but ultimately included in a 2-month integrated baseball team experience with a little league team promoting positive coaching. After the season, the signs/symptoms of depression were not existent – that’s what we mean by accountability.  Click here for info on the HEDIS measure changes



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